Eric & Ern

Tue Apr 19th
  19:30 to 21:45
 The Eric Morecambe Centre, Leyton Road, Rothamsted Park, Harpenden, UK


Ian Ashpitel & Jonty Stephens as Eric & Ern are delighted to be performing their show at The Eric Morecambe Centre in Harpenden on the 19th April. Eric lived in Harpenden with his wife Joan and their family for many  years. One of the highlights of portraying Eric & Ern has been the great privilege of visiting Eric’s home and talking about the iconic duo with Joan & Gary their son.  The Morecambe & Wise Estates are huge supporters of the show.  Ian & Jonty are really looking forward to performing at the EMC which is so close to Eric’s family home.  


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