Royal Aeronautical Society. Hatfield: SIR GEOFFREY de HAVILLAND MEMORIAL LECTURE

Wed Oct 25th
  18:00 to 21:00


Defence Aviation Net Zero
The RAF has a goal to become Net Zero by 2040. There will be risks in making that transition and significant areas still to be explored and developed. Sustainable Aviation Fuels will contribute but there are materials and supply challenges. Hydrogen offers tantalising prospects but how are we deal with the safety issues both on the ground and in the air? What is the place of electric aircraft and electrification? How much can be contributed to achieving Net Zero through synthetic training, deepening understanding of non-CO2 emissions, and defining requirements to achieve net zero airbases and support equipment? Whole lifecycle sustainability will be an important consideration. What is the potential contribution of aircraft efficiency improvements and  fuel efficient airspace usage, including digital aviation? At a time of huge public awareness of the effects of aviation on the environment, the role of Defence Aviation in contributing to achieving Net Zero is an important topic.


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