St Albans Mummers – Boxing Day 2023

Tue Dec 26th
  11:00 to 15:00
 St Albans City Centre


The St Albans Mummers are in the city centre on Boxing Day 2023

Murder, resurrection, mythical creatures, odd characters, dubious cures, excruciating poetry and awful jokes. Great fun for all the family on Boxing Day !

The Mummers will be around St Albans city centre performing their traditional play for the 56th year. The play is based on St George and the Dragon and is around 200 years old. The cast are a bit younger !

The play was revived by the St Albans Morris Men in 1967 and some of the original audience still come along and bring their grandchildren! Each performance is a little different, as we like to include topical items and interact with the audience. The timetable is –

11.30 The Museum / Old Town Hall, 12.20 The White Hart Hotel, 13.00 West End of St Albans Abbey, 13.50 The Fighting Cocks, 14.40 The Clock Tower

At the end of each performance we ask people to throw money into the “hat” (some people might say that it is a bucket but don’t believe them ! ) so that we can donate to charity. We are unable to take card payments, as a suitable reader is not available yet, so please bring as much cash as you can spare. The more we can collect the more we can donate so thank you in advance.

Photo attached. We have Christine’s permission to use it.

Trevor Adams, Mummers Secretary


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