Thermal Imaging camera information sessions

Until Fri Mar 31st
  20:00 to 21:00

More about: Environment


Sustainable St Albans has two thermal imaging cameras the residents of the St Albans District can borrow. A thermal imaging camera enables you to see heat leaking from your house or cold air coming into your house by taking colour-coded pictures highlighting temperature differences.

Using the camera can therefore highlight insufficient loft insulation, gaps in floorboards, draughty windows and badly fitted loft hatches all of which allow precious warmth to escape from your house, meaning you use more fuel to keep your house warm.

In order to borrow the camera you much first attend a zoom information session; these sessions cover:

  • An introduction to the Thermal Imaging Camera project
  • What you can learn about your home by using the camera
  • Where you can find further resources on, for example, draught proofing your house
  • How to use the camera with Q&A.
  • The arrangements for booking to borrow the camera, for the safe collection and return of the camera and the handling of deposits, with Q&A.

Booking is essential for these online session


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