ADHD – support for women and girls


ADHD – support for women and girls.

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Pippa Simou and ‘The ADD-vantage’ offer support to individuals, primarily to girls and women, with a diagnosis (or suspected diagnosis) of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In 2017 Pippa was herself diagnosed with ADHD, which highlighted for her the lack of understanding and services for women with the condition. Pippa started ‘The ADD-vantage‘ in 2020, offering support services specifically to women and girls with ADHD symptoms to help them understand and grow into their symptoms.

In Thursday’s Mix Mornings, Pippa talked to Iain Pritchard about ADHD and the community of connections and support she is working to build up.

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The ADD-vantage Specialist ADHD support services – Great minds think alike; brilliant minds think differently


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