Easter Bun (…nies) at St Albans Cathedral

It is said that the Alban Bun, the precursor to the famous Hot Cross Bun, originated in St Albans where Brother Thomas Rocliffe, a 14th Century Monk at St Albans Abbey, developed an original recipe. In 1361, Brother Thomas distributed these buns to feed the poor on Good Friday. Today, that tradition continues right through Lent at the Cathedral in St Albans.

In Thursday’s Mix Mornings, Iain talked to Stephen da Silva from the Cathedral about the bun, its secret recipe, and about what else will be going on in the run-up to Easter Day.

You can pre-order to collect your own bag of four buns by emailing stalbansevents@elior.co.uk. and you can find out more about the services at the Cathedral in Holy Week at https://www.stalbanscathedral.org/Listing/Category/holy-week-and-easter.

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