Local Dr Who artist exhibits in 14th Century Barn


Local Dr Who artist exhibits in 14th Century Barn.

Mix Mornings with Emma Lovell

Maddie Chitty is a young deaf artist painting the things she loves (one of which being Dr Who characters!)  Her teacher, Shula talks to Elly about Maddie’s journey into painting and Maddie’s ability to incorporate the essence of characters from old TV shows that she loves (think Buffy, Dukes of Hazards, Lovejoy and of course Dr Who) using the style of recognisable artists.

Shula explains where the idea came from for an exhibition and the help and support of the local community to get Maddie’s work exhibited in a 14th Century Barn (Kingsbury Barn, St Albans).

The exhibition is on 6th & 7th July (10am to 5pm) Entry is free.


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