Varicose veins – dispelling the myths

Our health correspondent Alan Bellinger  ran two health webinars last week; the first was on Varicose Veins and, if you suffer from them (or know someone who does) then please have a look at the video of the webinar – it’s from a top London Consultant and is a real eye-opener.

Mr Jeremy Crane dispelled five myths:

  • Varicose Veins are only cosmetic – no, they can be both painful and serious
  • Nothing can be done to cure VV – there are lots of treatments available and a lot you can do to help yourself
  • VV Treatment is painful – it used to be but not any longer
  • VV are strictly a women’s issue – definitely not! And
  • Crossing your legs causes VV

We also hear about another webinar, all about diabetes and mental health and hear about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

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