Learning to cycle in lock down.

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The quiet roads are encouraging many of us to dust off our bikes and get out for the first time for a while.  But just as we’re finding that teaching kids school work at home is not as easy as it might seem, teaching kids to cycle isn’t so easy either.

So in this podcast we’ll hear from lifelong cyclist, St.Albans Cycle Campaigner and Cycling Proficiency Trainer, John Metcalf on tricky questions like,

  • when are kids old enough to cycle on roads?
  • should the kids go in front or behind?
  • and are stabilizers the best way to get kids started?

We’ll also have a quick run down of local cycle shops that are still open, and an appeal for help from Earthworks.

Image by Sylwia Aptacy from Pixabay

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Learning to cycle in lock down

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