Nest Box Know How on this week’s Environment Matters

In the heart of National Nest Box Week, Dan Fletcher of St.Albans RSPB joined Amanda on Environment Matters this week to help us with how best to make birds feel at home in our gardens. Many once common garden birds aren’t doing so well and this is a great way to give them a hand. However, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye! You can take a look at what kind of birds are already in your garden then buy a nest box to suit. Bigger birds need bigger nest boxes, there are different styles for birds that build different types of nest, and some birds, like sparrows, are social birds and like to nest in groups – so if you’d like to see baby sparrows in your garden then you’ll need a housing estate of little nest boxes! However, Dan said that whatever you install will suit some bird. He also said that nest boxes with cameras give a fascinating insight into the lives of birds in our gardens.

When it comes to installing, then avert your eyes from the picture of my old bird box above! Avoid south facing sites where the little birds will cook and ensure that the box is sheltered from driving rain, is out of reach of cats and is secured against squirrels and predatory birds.

There’s some great advice on the RSPB website, and what ever you choose you’ll be doing a lovely thing to help local birds.

Environment Matters on Mix 92.6
Environment Matters on Mix 92.6
Nest Box Know How on this week's Environment Matters

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