St Albans Vegan Fayre.

The word Veganuary (trying a Vegan lifestyle throughout January) is now commonplace and more and more people are cutting down on meat and becoming vegans these days.

I thoroughly enjoyed the festival and learned so much. I was glad I went with a particular friend who already knows a thing or two about being a Vegan.

What surprised me the most was the shift not only in lifestyle but in mind-set required if you want to cut out meat and abstain from the use of animal products.

By the time I left the fair I had not only learned about why it’s important to support various charities, but a little about the entire ethos behind ethical veganism. It was interesting to discover how it can greatly improve your health and how eating less meat can have a hugely positive impact on our environment.

Small City Life on Hertfordshire's Mix 92.6
Small City Life on Hertfordshire's Mix 92.6
St Albans Vegan Fayre

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