The Parents’s show discusses adoption.

In this episode of the Parents’s Show, Lydia talks about adoption.

Adopting a child is a process filled with anticipation, giving a secure home to a child who needs a family and possibly also fulfilling the dreams of parenthood for those who don’t want to or can’t have a child. It’s such a beautiful picture – a child in need finds a home and new life and a happy ever after.

But is adoption that simple? Is it positive for all parties involved or are there fundamental discrepancies in the process?

Lydia delves into the subject this week, and will be joined by Zara Phillips, author, professional speaker, recovery specialist, singer, performer and nationally recognized speaker on adoption.

They will also be joined by Ella and her mum Debbie who will tell Lydia about their experience of adoption and share some of the lessons they have learnt for others to consider.

To help frame the issue, Debi Roberts from YC Hertfordshire joins the show and will help to unpick this incredibly sensitive and complicated topic.

The Parents Show on Mix 92.6
The Parents Show on Mix 92.6
The Parents's show discusses adoption

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