The festival was held on Saturday 17th September in Harpenden.

Day Time   Name Message
Tuesday AM MIX BREAKFAST Nanny June Just say Hi
Tuesday 08:10:00 MIX BREAKFAST Charlie Big congratulations to Charlie who came to visit our stand at the food festival. Charlie has just finished his Actuarial exams, Well Done Charlie
Tuesday 08:15:00 MIX BREAKFAST Glen Its a special day for Glen – its his 40th Birthday, and  Hugo who is 6 and Blake who is 4 , and his wife Sophie who wouldnt tell us her age would like to wish him a happy birthday
Tuesday 07:30 Various MIX BREAKFAST   Could we say hello to Natalie, Nathan and Molly, and play their favourite song – Mama Mia by Abba 
Tue/Wed 08:00:00 MIX BREAKFAST Madeline and Sebastian Madeline and Sebastian will be getting ready for school right now, and their mum and dad  Charlotte and Dan would just like to say hello and we love you.  
Tuesday Breakfast MIX BREAKFAST   To George, James and champion Cheerleader Arabella. From Mummy, daddy, Charlotte and Guy 
Tuesday Breakfast MIX BREAKFAST   Arabella and esme from Mummy Naz. 
Tuesday Breakfast MIX BREAKFAST   Lilly from mummy Seema 
Tuesday Breakfast MIX BREAKFAST   Theo from mummy Chloe and well done on your first solo swim 
Anytime   MIX BREAKFAST Warren Knight We would like to say hello to the team who provided the security at the food festival, including  Warren, Nicola Georgina Marnis Donna and Jay
Tuesday Morning MIX MORNING Andrew Andrew is 70 years old this year, and is celebrating this weekend 0 Have a very happy birthday Andrew from everyone here at mix 92.6
Tuesday  09:45:00 MIX MORNING Various Could we please do a shout out for Diane and Daniel – and also to  Jeff and Chumley, their dogs. 
Aby day After School  DRIVE Thomas Hello to Thomas from Roundwood school. 
Tuesday  After School  DRIVE Dad Steve Hello to Libby and Joanna from dad Steve 
Tuesday  After School  DRIVE Joy & Stuart Anna and James from mum and big bad dad, Joy and Stuart 
Tuesday  After School  DRIVE Marla Hi to Amisha from mummy Marla 
Wed AM MIX BREAKFAST Dan Cave We want to wish a very happy borthday to Dan Cave from everyone at Mix 92.6
wed 07:45:00 MIX BREAKFAST Rachida Hoceine Hello, to Rachida, Can we play Savage Love by Jason Derulo
Wed 8.30-8.45 MIX BREAKFAST   8.30 – 8.45 happy 10th birthday Annabelle today. Lizzo about damn time 
Wed 07:45:00 MIX BREAKFAST Ron Horniblew Ron is 87 year old and very active as a volunteer, and raising money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. He has also played Father Christmas every year for 57 years, which may be a world record.  
Wed AM MIX BREAKFAST   To Tom, Beth, Sophie, Lucy, Isabel, and ???, on the school run to Wood End School in Harpenden. From John
Wed AM MIX BREAKFAST   Luton School run Massive! To ???? and Landon from mummy, daddy nanny ????, Chris and Tereasa
Wed AM MIX BREAKFAST   Benji, Sienna from mummy Anna. Trotters Cliff primary school
Wed AM MIX BREAKFAST   Lacey and Logan Partridge primary and high school in Luton from mummy Michelle
Wed 09:30:00 MIX MORNING Alec and Liz Big hello
Wed 04:30:00 DRIVE Jim and Dean Jim and Dean were two of the Town Rangers helping people out at the festival. Can we say hello, and perhaps play anything by Queen
Wed 05:30:00 DRIVE Millie and Izzie Millie and Izzie would like to say hello to all the girls in harpenden – yes all of them – they looked pretty well connected and probably do know all of them. – Could we please pl,lay Harry Styles Watermelon Sugar. 
Any day   DRIVE James Ja,mes From harpende would like to say hello – he is at St Dominics
Wed 16:30:00 DRIVE Aiden  and Angus  Just Say Hi
Wed PM DRIVE Eve and Joseph cCan we say hello to Eve and Jospeh from St Albans
Any day After 4 DRIVE Georgia and Ettie Georgia and Ettie go to Harpenden Academy, and would love it is we could get them a shoutout after 4:00
Thursday  07:45:00 MIX BREAKFAST Various We met up with Annabelle, Lily, Demi, Isla, Ashley and Benjy, and they would like to say hello to all of their friends in Year 8 at Roundwood school – could we play  Uptown Funk for them. 
Thursday  06:10:00 MIX BREAKFAST Leanna and Grace Could we say hello to Leanna who is 4 and her mum Grace – maybe play something from Frozen or anything by Lizzo
Any Day 08:00:00 MIX BREAKFAST Dan and Emma A shout out to Dad ( Dan  ) and Emma from  Marty Wilbur and Andrew
Any Day  Before School MIX BREAKFAST Leo Leo is nearly 6 and would like to say hello to all his friends at Sunny Wood School
Friday 08:00:00 MIX BREAKFAST Bernahine Ainan and Sabine from harpenden would like to say hello to mummy 
Friday   MIX BREAKFAST   George ??? and Anna from mummy Trisha
Any Day AM MIX BREAKFAST Johnson Family The johnson family will be on the school run, and would like us to say hello to them. 
Friday 09:30:00 MIX MORNING Chloe  
Anytime   MIX MORNING Kath DeCosta Shout out to Kath the Curate, thats Kath De Costa 
Sunday  10:00:00   Benjamin Benjamin is 8 years old and has a special request for Mum and Dad who will be listening – Can I have a cake.  
8th Oct (Saturday) Anytime  SATURDAY MIX MORNING Jenna Its Her Birthday
5th October (Wed) Morning MIX BREAKFAST Mummy Ivie  Milly and Harlie would like to say a shout out to their mummy  – we don’t know Mummys name, but we are guessing there arent that many mummys with children called Ivie Milly and Harlie – so this is for you. 
17th October (Mon)   MIX BREAKFAST Anne Morris Its Your Birthday, and David Rogers would like to wish you a happy birthdat

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