Shout outs from the St Albans food and drink festival (Sun 25 September)

Hi – here are the shout outs from Sunday at the St Albans Food and drink festival.  All Mix Breakfast shout outs.

Day Time Name Message
Tuesday 8am   Say hi to Ryan from Mum, Vicky & Dad Ian from Cheshunt.  Big hello from all the team at MIX 92.6
  ANY (BREAKFAST) Shawn Say hi to Shawn at Dillon’s at The Kings Arms.  He had a great Sunday at the festival and wanted to say thank you to Mix 92.6 for stopping and saying hi!
  ANY (BREAKFAST) Jane (92) Jane – from Harpenden, would like to say hello to Laura Haddock – her granddaughter, and Alan and Sandra Palmer
Wednesday 7.45am Anne & Frank From WGC visiting the STA food and drink festival.  Shout out to their daughter Jessica and boyfriend Rob.  Wishing Jessica and Rob an amazing adventure in New York.  Mum and Dad are missing you already!!
  8.15am Mimi Good morning Mimi.  Don’t forget to go out for your morning walk today and have a fantastic day.  Also a shout out to everyone at the nifty after 50 group of which Mimi is a member.
Thursday 8.30am Sonia McDonnell Say hi to the team at Mama Cynths – Sonia, Joetta & Alaaliyah. Sonia runs a local Jamaican business.  She is home based (in St Albans) and makes and delivers tasty authentic Jamaican food (including vegan food!) (
Friday 7.10am Alex Atkins Shout out please to say hi!
  7-7.30am Emily Jones Shout out to Emily Jones from Ben.  They had a great time at the festival.
  7am Dr Clare Oliver & Jayne McIntosh They are a new business in Aesthetics & Wellness and we’re saying good luck from all at Mix 92.6
  8-8.15am   Good morning to Lucas and Mummy Michelle.
  ANY (BREAKFAST) W.H. Smiths To all the girls in Smiths!  Thanks for the cellotape & giving us at MIX 92.6 a great start to our day!
  ANY (BREAKFAST) The Jackson family Thanks for coming to visit us at Mix 92.6 and dancing out your hangovers!
  8.50am Jill & Jim Telford Jill and Jim, from WGC, would like a BIG HELLO to help them get on with their Friday morning!!

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