Bouche à Oreille: books and culture

In this week’s Bouche à Oreille, Aline and Elise speak to Christian Michel, a compatriot who founded French London Experience. As its name suggests, this French-language cultural events company based in London offers a range of experiences for both French speakers and learners. We will find out more about what inspired Christian to launch this initiative and what is on offer.

With the ‘rentrée littéraire’ and the release of new French language books and nominations for French book prizes, our expert Pierre is back with his selection of favourite reads, and his predictions of potential winners and losers.

As usual, we will bring a selection of new French music and round up cultural events locally. It’s all in French!

So whether you are a francophone or a francophile, tune in at 7pm on Sunday 1st October for a taste of home, or to brush up your language skills. OUvrez vos oreilles!

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