Bouche à Oreille speaks to librairie La Page… all in French!

On this week’s Bouche à Oreille show, we shine a light on Librairie La Page, the French bookshop in South Kensington which is the beating heart of the French community. Aline and Elise find out more about its history and what happens ‘behind the scenes’ with their guests Isabelle Lemarchand, who took over the bookshop in 2008, and its events coordinator, Adélaïde Terrade.

As usual Blandine also rounds up cultural events locally. It’s all in French!

So whether you are a francophone or a francophile, tune in at 7pm on Sunday 25th June for a taste of home, or to brush up your language skills.

In collaboration with Francais a Londres

More about: Books, French

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