Do babies and toddlers have too much screen time?

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Do babies and toddlers have too much screen time?.

The Parents’ Show with Lydia, Andreea, Jen, Neil and Dave

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It might sound odd asking if babies have too much screen time on smartphones and tablets, but that’s a question Lydia discusses with June O’Sullivan MBE, CEO of the London Early Years Foundation.

June tells Lydia how busy parents often use digital devices to occupy very young children while they have other things to do, and how much screen time, if any, babies and toddlers under 3 should get and why it can be damaging to the vital learning of communication skills in children.

In part two, we meet with Lehna Gardiner, a Legal Director and Collaborative Lawyer from our sponsors Rayden Solicitors. Lehna talks to Lydia about high-conflict divorces, when tensions run high, agreements are difficult to reach and so often a solution can seem so far away. Lehna also tells Lydia about the impact that narcissism can have on the situation and how mobile apps are helping to navigate these difficult times.

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