It’s a new school year for The Parents’ Show, but is your teen ready for University?

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It’s a new school year for The Parents’ Show, but is your teen ready for University?.

The Parents’ Show with Lydia, Andreea, Jen, Neil and Dave

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We start another season of the Parents’ Show with a look at the process of applying for a University place, but seen through the eyes of a local mum, Marie Baker-Madec, who has plenty of advice and tips for families about to embark on the search for a university and the things you have to think about and plan in the year running up to winning a place and starting freshers week.

Marie has one son already one year into his course, and another about to start his first year, and she says she’s still learning to manage all the things you have to do.

She provides Lydia and our listeners with tips, ideas, places to look and groups to join.

Finishing off the show, Lydia and Seema talk to Jessica Smith, a solicitor at our sponsors Rayden Solicitors, about the new routes to a career in law introduced last year and how you may not need to do a law degree to join the legal profession.

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The Parents’ Show is sponsored by Rayden Solicitors

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