Sixty Sixties Saturday Late Date

Rewind to Saturday 17th December at 10.00pm

More about: Fun, Music


Turn off your TV Saturday evening at 10pm and lock on to MIX92.6 on 92.6FM in Hertfordshire or on-line at  On tonight’s programme you will hear one or two festive songs and in the first hour some cracking songs and info from what many say was the best decade for music, the 1960’s, along with two more musical challenges from MIX92.6 presenter Peter Fielding. Between 11 and 11-40 we move on to the decade of the 1970’s with the odd classic from the 80’s, and for the final 20 minutes you will hear some bizarre stories from our world and stacks of love songs. Along with listener requests the MIX92.6 Saturday Late Date with Dereck Staines is the place to be between 10 and midnight. If you would like a special song played on next week’s Christmas Eve special, please send your requests to: 

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