Summer reading challenge, football for mums, and the importance of literacy

Rewind to Thursday 14th July at 19:00


Don’t put the books down this summer, in fact it is time to pick them up!

We will speak about why on this week’s show.

We speak to Hannah Pegg, from Hertfordshire Libraries about the wonderful services provided by our local libraries and the summer reading challenge.

We also speak to Tania Young, author of Top Tips for football Mums, hot off the press our local author tells us everything we need to know about being a football mum from must haves for the side lines to an explanation of the off side rule we will actually understand.

Finally, we hear from Shannon Cripps, Literacy Coordinator for the wonderful Beaumont School. She will speak to us about why it is important to keep up reading over the summer.

Tune in 7pm on Thursday and 8pm on Sunday.

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