Women’s boxing for strength, fitness and confidence

Rewind to Thursday 4th July at 7.00pm

Women’s boxing for strength, fitness and confidence.

The Parents’ Show with Lydia, Andreea, Jen, Neil and Dave

Rayden Solicitors sponsors The Parents’ Show

This week we look at boxing for women and teenagers. Jen is joined by Nadia Finer and Isabel Kelly, founders of the new Queen Bee Boxing club in St Albans.

Nadia and Isobel tell Jen how it started, and how mums and daughters can visit and train together or separately, giving them fitness, strength and confidence. They are so passionate and enthusiastic about getting women and girls to try boxing and gain the benefits.

In part 2, Lydia is again joined by Lehna Gardiner, a Legal Director at our sponsors Rayden Solicitors, who follows up on her interview on high conflict divorce with a look at what the impact of those situations can be on the children, and how it can be best managed. Lehna shares some resources where parents can look for help and advice.

That’s this Thursday on 92.6FM, online at mix926.com and on your smartspeaker.

The Parents’ Show is sponsored by Rayden Solicitors.


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