The Solid Gold Music Show Special.

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The definitive oldies show, covering music from the 1950s through to the new millennium.

Some of our features include a look at the charts and news on this day in history, we sum up the musical careers of artists, both past & present in our “Brief Biog” at 10.15am. Stephen Hall rambles down nostalgia lane at various times throughout the show and “Yesterday/Today” keeps you up-to-date on what our favourite artists of yesteryear are up to today. “Kids’ Corner” delves into our vaults to bring you a classic childrens recording, followed by 3 songs with a common link – can you get the connection?

The “Be-bop Bonanza” features the best songs with all the boring bits removed and “Music in the News” takes a look at the week’s news headlines and plays some appropriate classics alongside each story. “Steve’s Gripe” provides some much-needed therapy for our trusty side-kick as he gets a particular topic off his chest. In the last hour we “Pull A Pound” and conclude with “45 RPM” – 45 minutes of Real Pop Music – the best selling singles & news from this very week in a featured year. With other features including “Value A Disc”, “To Good To Be Forgotten”, “Tale Of Woe” and “One-Hit Wonder” make this the best oldies show anywhere on your dial!

From The Solid Gold Music Show Special

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