Adapta Consulting LLP

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Adapta is one of the largest NFP sector-specific consultancy firms in the UK.

We offer genuine independent support and advice so are objective and completely non-biased.

Our experienced, senior-level advice and support is always tailored to our clients' needs.

We hold regular events for charities with the key aim of drawing out best practices.

Adapta is a specialist consultancy providing charities, membership organisations and other not-for-profit organisations with tailored independent advice to help them become more effective through improved processes, people and technology.  We are not aligned to any suppliers or solution providers and our independence means we are objective and completely non-biased.

Our team of experienced, independent consultants work with clients to transfer their knowledge and share their expertise.  We draw on specialist skills and support from other organisations and experienced independent associate consultants.  All our associates have deep specialisms that they can bring to provide high-quality support to an engagement.

We advise organisations in a variety of areas including digital, data and technology strategies; business processes and system requirements; supplier and solution selection; risk, compliance, data protection and security; governance and business cases; interim technical leadership; and reviews and health checks, etc.

We hold regular events, both online and in-person, that focus around strategic shared learning for senior managers to gain knowledge and understanding from peers with the key aim of drawing out best practices.  This is followed by facilitated group discussion.  Our events are only open to charities, membership organisations and other non-profit organisations.

 5 St John's Ln, London EC1M 4BH, UK
 020 4558 8070