Greyhead Consulting

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We are an independent IT and digital consultancy

We are completely supplier-independent

Our consultants have a minimum of 25 years' experience working in the sector 

Our approach is professional and transparent

Greyhead is an independent consultancy, based in Hertfordshire, working exclusively with charities, membership bodies and others in the NfP sector.

At Greyhead we work alongside our clients, guiding trustees, senior managers and teams through the right steps to successful information systems decision-making.

Our independence means that we have no vested interest in any outcome, other than the best our clients can achieve.

Our experience means that we have already encountered the issues facing our clients; we know what works – and we know what doesn’t.

Our approach is professional and transparent – which means we learn from each engagement we undertake and then share our knowledge and experience as we go.

 42 Piggottshill Lane