Outside Broadcast Equipment Manager “Quartermaster”

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You will be responsible for looking after all equipment, Inventory and checking it in and out of store.

We have a lot of broadcasting equipment used for Outside Broadcasts and other Marketing and Promotional events plus items like banners and other marketing and promotional items. These are stored in a secure facility in St Albans. We need to take out some of these items on a regular basis to use at the various events. You will be given access to the store.

You will keep track of this equipment and who is using it and when. You will take responsibility for ensuring equipment is returned and looked after in the store including maintaining the Inventory records (on a shared Google Document).

You will report to the OB Manager.



Typical time needed : 1 or 2 hours most weeks

Essential skills :

Skills- Organised, good at maintaining records using spreadsheets, working with other people

Ideally you’d have these skills but we can train you :

Location :  Studios

Available vacancies? :  No current vacancies

We will provide training:


This role will provide practical experience of managing logistics for a range of different activities throughout the year and of maintaining detailed records of mutliple items of equipment and other items.