Could you help lead the local radio station?

We are looking for people who might want to join our Board of Directors.  You need at least 7 hours a week which you can spare for this unpaid role.

If you are interested please email us with a CV or summary of your experience at


Here are some more details:


Verulam Community Radio Limited is the not-for-profit company which operates the Ofcom regulated local radio station for South Hertfordshire, Mix 92.6.  We cover an area of around 500,000 people.

We would like to bring new skills and capacity to our Board of eight Directors.  In particular, we are keen to speak to people with any of the following areas of experience; marketing, leadership, human resources and commercial.  There is no need for any radio experience.

We are in an exciting phase as a radio station with ambitious plans.  This board director would also undertake some day-to-day work so candidates would need to be able to devote around 7 hours per week to the role.

You will work with your fellow Directors and our sixty or so volunteers to deliver the radio station the area needs and deserves.  Our mission is to connect and enhance the lives of people who live and work in the area. We do this through entertainment, local news and current affairs and by training local people in skills related to radio.  We also support local charities, groups and businesses with publicity and other support.

The Board and its Directors are responsible for the sustainable running of the Company and accountable to the Company’s Members for this.  Directors have responsibilities in law to all stakeholders for the proper and sustainable running of the company.  In addition, we are a regulated business and are accountable to Ofcom for our radio operations.

There will be a selection process based on relevant skills and suitability and we are open to coaching anyone who does not yet have the relevant experience and knowledge so that they may be considered in the future.

If you have an interest, we would be happy to meet or speak to brief you further.

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