Confidence And Your Child


Confidence And Your Child.

Do children and teens struggle with confidence issues and resilience more than we did as children?
Is the world more complicated than it was and do we need to understand and support our children better when it comes to self esteem and confidence?
We will be speaking to local mum Tara Hawes about her experience of raising two girls and how she perceives the issues of confidence and self-esteem today. Caroline Walker, Founder of Confident Teens will be joining us to tell us about how she is helping teen grow in confidence and improve self-esteem.
We will also speak to Lucy Atherton from Standing Tall an organisation that uses a unique combination of stage skills, psychology, music and personal interaction to encourage self development in a fun and involving way in children and teens. Finally we will speak to Kellie Ahl from Relax Kids, she will be talking about she boosts confidence and self-esteem in children.

The Parents Show on Mix 92.6
The Parents Show on Mix 92.6
Confidence And Your Child

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