SustFest Goes Global


SustFest Goes Global.

Local activist Farhat Zia explains how she hopes that the Herts Asian Women’s Association Sustainability Festival event at which she is speaking will enable communities from around the world to learn from each other about environmental issues that ultimately affect the whole world, and how she’s taking steps to help reduce plastic pollution in her home town in Pakistan.

Book your place at this event here.

For more about Wilder St.Albans and the How Wild Are We survey take a look here.

To book your place at the Butterfly World 2.0 event with Jonathan Porritt go here

Book your place at the St.Paul’s Church screening of 2040 – an optimistic film , go here

And go to the St.Albans Rainbow Trails FB group to find out how to enter their Butterfly Trail Competition.

Finally, you’ve got until Sunday 6th June to share your views on the climate crisis and action you’d like to see taken here.

Environment Matters on Mix 92.6
Environment Matters on Mix 92.6
SustFest Goes Global

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