The Dragons’ Apprentice Awards 2018 Highlights.

The Dragons’ Apprentice Competition is held annually for teams of Year 12 students (16/17 years old) from secondary schools in St Albans and Harpenden. Each team is given £100 and allocated a local businessperson as a Dragon. They are then required to set up a business to raise as much money as possible over a four month period for a local charity with a target of at least £1,000. Awards are given for not just the most money raised, but the best ideas, the best working partnership with their charity and others.

There is also now a Junior competition for Year 5 or 6 students (10 or 11 years old)  at Primary schools and this year they were also invited to the Awards event.

The Awards event was held at the Weston Auditorium at the University of Hertfordshire on the evening of Monday 19th March 2018. This Podcast includes highlights such as the presentations made by the five short listed teams in the senior competition and the announcements of the Awards including to the overall winning team from… (you will have to listen to find out!)

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The Dragons' Apprentice Awards 2018 Highlights

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