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WEEK 10 – Workplace of the week (15th – 19th May).




MCR Pathways is a UK-based charity, working with care experienced or otherwise disadvantaged young people in schools across Hertfordshire to provide relationship based mentoring support through a network of volunteers.

Originally established in Scotland in 2007, we successfully support over 5000 young people each week through mentoring, including over 200 in Herts and just over 100 in Stevenage schools. The programme is proven to drive better educational outcomes and life opportunities for the young people, through educational attainment, stay on rates and positive post education destinations.

The Hertfordshire programme has been in place since the end of 2021, and we’re in 11 schools in the county, including Stevenage, Hertford, Cheshunt, Watford, Hemel Hempstead and Tring. We have a fantastic schools based team, with full time support of the young people on the programme through our full time Pathways Coordinators. We also have a dedicated mentor support team based in Stevenage who ensure our volunteers are kept fully engaged and supported in their work with MCR Pathways

We use a range of in person events and social media to recruit mentors – but we need more volunteers as young people are constantly coming into the programme as we expand to support those that need support.


In School team:
Kerry and Carol – Programme Managers
Asta, Morag, Emma, Lauren, Sarah, Robyn, Tanya, Natalie, Kirsty, Ellie-May, Ellie, Sophie, Phillip – Pathways Coordinators
Mentor Services Team – Natasha, Lizzie, Ernest, Peter
Programme Director – Caroline




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