Rewind to Thursday 4th April at 7.00pm

Autism Awareness, recovery and running the London Marathon for the ‘Smallest Things’ charity.

The Parents’ Show with Lydia, Andreea, Neil and Dave

It’s Autism Awareness Week and Lydia catches up with Karen Hannan, our resident expert on neurodiversity, who talks about the challenges faced by neurodiverse children and adults.

This week Karen looks at recovery from mental health, the importance of carers looking after themselves and where parents of autistic children in particular can get assistance and support.

In part two, Neil meets Sarah Miles and Veronica Bodell. Sarah is a trustee of the Smallest Things  charity, which supports parents of premature babies and herself gave birth to premature identical twins before losing one of them after 6 months in NICU to complications. The charity works to raise awareness of and support the needs of parents who are looking after their premature infants and has been instrumental in changing the law on parental leave.

Veronica is running the London Marathon this year to support Sarah’s charity, and the two talk to Neil about the creation of the charity, its work, how Veronica’s preparations are going and her hopes for the run. You can donate to support Veronica’s run at

You can find out more about the Prem Aware Award for schools at 

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