Presenter – Co-hosting The Generation Gap programme & PodCast

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Typical time needed : 2 to 4 hours

Essential skills :

The ability to think on their feet and engage in a conversation. Familiarity with the use of computers and smart phones and ability to do some research prior to recording programmes.

Ideally you’d have these skills but we can train you :

The candidate should have an interest in current affairs and the ability to express their own views coherently.

Location :  At home

Available vacancies? :  No current vacancies


We are looking for someone to be a co-host on The Generation Gap programme and podcast where we compare and contrast views of the younger Generation (Millennials and Generation Z) with those of a “Baby Boomer” Clive Glover.

The discussions will cover a wide range of subjects so research will be required  on some topics before the programme is recorded.