Network Infrastructure Engineer

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Typical time needed : 4 to 8 hours

Essential skills :

'- Knowledge of IT networking and security fundamentals
- Some experience with supporting small business IT
- Desire to learn, sometimes to self teach and grow with the rest of the team
- Desire to innovate, including helping to shape the future of the station’s infrastructure

Ideally you’d have these skills but we can train you :

'- Experience in business IT in a professional capacity
- Interest in radio and audio engineering in general

Location :  Around area

Available vacancies? :  Vacancy(ies) available


We are looking for someone who can help look after our network and infrastructure. This includes our broadcast and non-broadcast networks, ensuring that they are maintained, improved and documented. This might include bandwidth control, responding to reported user issues, looking after our server and firewall configuration for example.

If the role holder also wants to get involved in other areas of Engineering within the station, the role does not necessarily have to be limited to IT based infrastructure.

This opportunity would suit someone with a background in IT networking, particularly in a professional capacity, looking to support the local community.