Promotions manager

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You will put your creative and executional skills to good use in promoting Radio Verulam to potential listeners.

This is a voluntary unpaid role.

We are looking for someone with both ideas and the ability to get them delivered, alone and with others.  We have a very limited budget so you will need to think about how we can get the most out of it. It could include social media promotion, perhaps leaflets, a PR “stunt”, all of the above or something we haven’t thought of but you have!

Ideally we would run these tactical promotions regularly to raise general awareness and listening.

On average, this might take 2-4 hours per week but some weeks will be quiet while others will be busy.


Typical time needed : 2 to 4 hours most weeks

Essential skills :

Good written English, the ability to motivate others and to deliver small projects

Ideally you’d have these skills but we can train you :

Ideally you will have done some of this before and have copywriting and design skills and will have worked with social media promotion

Location :  No fixed location

Available vacancies? :  No current vacancies

We will provide training:


You will learn about marketing and promotions and be able to demonstrate really delivery to future employers