Studio Engineer, analogue and digital audio

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Studio Engineer, analogue and digital audio

If you have a technical interest and understanding of audio systems of both analogue and digital topologies, you could join our engineering team and help take our radio station forward with the latest technologies.

We have just implemented a Livewire digital system for our studios and need additional hands to implement and maintain the audio backbones, which also have analogue equipment and interfaces so a good knowledge of analogue disciplines is highly desired.



Typical time needed : 1 or 2 hours most weeks

Essential skills :

Intermediate technical capability, understand windows machines, networking basics and audio technologies.

Ideally you’d have these skills but we can train you :

You should be a techie, the person who your friends and family approach for help when things don't work. Curious about technology and audio systems.

Desired skills include cable production with soldering and basic IT knowledge. Knowledge of Myriad layout system or similar. It woudl be really useful if you have experience working with Digital radio studio technology, Livewire, AXIA

Location :  No fixed location

Available vacancies? :  Vacancy(ies) available

We will provide training:


Transfer of information from existing team members. Other training as needed