Fleetville Diaries

Fleetville Diaries was formed in April 2010 and is run by a group of enthusiastic local residents to….

  • provide a forum for everyone interested in the history of Fleetville.
  • create an archive of local oral histories, documents and memorabilia.
  • build a network of people who can contribute to a variety of local history projects.
  • support schools in their local history projects.
  • encourage the following groups to participate in local history projects: Seniors, Ethnic groups, Disabled,Families.
  • share information about local history projects with the public.
  • participate in national initiatives such as the Mass Observation Communities Online project (MOCO).
  • liaise with local and county heritage projects.
  • further its members’ knowledge and skills through attendance at relevant history conferences and courses.
  • Fleetville Diaries grew from a project put together in 2010 for the Fleetville Festival, an event held in March by local musicians, featuring the Fleetville Orchestra and Choir. Before the event, senior residents of Fleetville were interviewed about wartime experiences. The subsequent display at the Festival attracted much attention….. and so Fleetville Diaries was born.

    The group meets every month at Fleetville Community Centre.

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