Leeanna’s Wish CIC

Leeannas Wish is a black female led inclusive organisation that responds to local needs. Started in June 2021, our mission is to engage, empower and to promote social interaction and friendships through our intergenerational programmes and community events. .

Programmes include a Saturday Club for young people age 11+ (and siblings +10) and coffee and cake club to cultivate intergenerational relationships. Activities that we have led have included cultural history lessons, ink art, wellbeing and mentoring sessions, chess competitions, football and basketball lessons, community rounders and sustainability activities.

Our team is led by people with lived experience and a deep understanding of the issues affecting these communities. We are dedicated to tackling systemic barriers, improving access to services and providing targeted intervention in communities with the most need. With the charitable purpose of creating safe spaces and environments where individuals can learn, play, create and develop their life skills in order to access future opportunities in education and work and have successful lives.

Schools, social work professionals, outside agencies and parents can refer directly to us. We work collaboratively with all statutory agencies including the police. We have a strong network of contacts, having fostered relationships with Herts Police, Herts Sports Partnership, St Albans Council, St Albans Museum + Gallery, local schools and businesses.

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