Local digital skills hub launches.

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Ginny Cooper from STANTA joins us to talk about their work and we find out about a new digital skills hub they have recently launched. STANTA works with business from ideas to five years into their journey and has helped many local businesses to reach their full potential.

STANTA, which stands for St Albans Enterprise Agency, is a 40-year established agency with a mission to assist small businesses in St Albans, Harpenden, and surrounding areas. They offer 12 hours of free advice and training to businesses at any stage of development, from those with initial ideas to those established up to five years.

Their aim is to help businesses start, grow, and develop. The agency, through a program called Get Enterprising, supports businesses at various stages, including those struggling after a few months of establishment. Unlike their previous funding program, Get Enterprising allows them to assist businesses up to five years old, fostering long-term relationships.

Ginny highlights success stories of businesses like Heaven is a Cupcake and Midnight Blue Marketing, showcasing the agency’s positive impact.

STANTA has launched a Digital Skills Hub, offering free training workshops for their clients and extending the offer to established businesses and employees in the community. The courses cover diverse topics such as Facebook for business, online business setup, podcasting, Instagram usage, and paid digital advertising.

The agency hopes to attract employees from larger corporations to participate in the courses, fostering networking opportunities and knowledge sharing between larger and smaller businesses. The Digital Skills Hub is seen as a valuable resource for personal development and potential collaboration between businesses of different scales. Interested parties can find more information on the STANTA website.

Related website : https://stanta.co.uk/

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