So much more than just lingerie ….

Mix Mornings with Nick Hazell

Gwen, from Gwendolen’s Lingerie and Swimwear shop in St Albans, visited Elly in the Studio on Monday.  Elly had a fascinating chat with Gwen, who learned her craft in Paris and is a leading expert in her field.  She provides a niche, intimate service and we have an interesting debate as to whether it should be.  We talk about all aspects of what she does including fitting lingerie for brides to be (and their female entourage) but also the sensitive service required for women who may have had some kind of surgery, including mastectomy.  Plus, a curious request from the WI!

Her shop also houses a bra bank (to donate your old bra’s where they can be recycled or part reused) and even caters for men (swimming trunks!).


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