I found it hard to believe that a “Love Canned Food Festival” was taking place on Instagram last month over a four-day period. I enjoyed scrolling through countless colourful photos of luscious recipes mixing fresh and canned food together. March 2020 saw overall sales of canned food climb to over 70% and we are now celebrating its sheer convenience, year-round availability, and ease of recycling.

Unlike the collective of Italian Mammas I have known over the years, I’m not really a tinned food snob. I actually think it’s unrealistic to eat fresh food every night. Every now and then, I can see no reason not to crack open a tin of Heinz beans with pork sausages heat it up, make some buttery toast and top it off with a fried egg after a stressful day at work.

Small City Life on Hertfordshire's Mix 92.6
Small City Life on Hertfordshire's Mix 92.6
A Tinned Food Renaissance

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