Box-set binge-watching during lockdown.

It appears that times are changing and most of us are more likely to be glued to our screens than engrossed in a book. I’ve been as guilty of this as anyone during lockdown!  Not so long ago, I used to have quite a few chats about which books friends and family were reading. Nowadays it’s all about which box-sets we’re all watching.  There are countless websites like ‘for the ultimate binge’ or ‘to watch before you die’ promoting the best box-sets and encouraging us to stream more and more new dramas which are continually being released.

I’m pretty sure I watched too much TV as a child so when I came across a plain black book in my late teens with the simple title; Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, I was intrigued and utterly fascinated. The idea of life without TV had never crossed my mind. It was a revelation, giving me a completely new perspective on the effects of too much TV-watching which nobody had ever told me about.


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Box-set binge-watching during lockdown

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