I wouldn’t regard camping as a holiday. It is more of a change of scenery really. It’s wonderful to get out of the house and forget about the carpet that needs hoovering and the mound of clothes that need washing. We didn’t go far, but going to a beach I’d never been to before, visiting an old 11th century Priory and enjoying being left alone to read on a camp chair was good enough for me. By the time we got home I’d learned how to set up a tent, I felt as if I’d had a good dose of vitamin D and I felt nicely recharged. The best parts were the wide open spaces, waking up to a sizzling breakfast and practicing Yoga under a sunset. Ultimately we gained a sense of disconnection from having been in lockdown.
Small City Life on Hertfordshire's Mix 92.6
Small City Life on Hertfordshire's Mix 92.6
Camping in Norfolk

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