Count Down to COP – seasonal eating.

In this  podcast series experts from different fields will be giving advice on how you can take one carbon cutting step each week in the 16 weeks leading up to the crucial COP26 climate change talks in Glasgow in November.

Each of the steps has been recommended by the global movement Count Us In where you can sign up and see the effect of each carbon cutting step you take. Be sure to join the St.Albans Team when signing up!

In this podcast Nick Hazell talks to Juliet Foxwell of Box Local, locally sourced food delivery service about

  • the importance of seasonal eating
  • tips for eating seasonally
  • being creative with seasonal food
  • how eating seasonally can be good for us

For more information, including more advice from Juliet about seasonal eating, take a look at the resources here

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Count Down to COP - seasonal eating

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