Covid-19 – The Parents’ Show asks for parents

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In the current climate, there is only one topic to discuss on the show – Covid 19.

We had a selection of guests to address the many concerns and worries of parents in the light of the biggest health crisis in modern history.

Verity Hill, Virologist will be helping us understand exactly what we are up against in Covid 19.
Angela is one of the founders of St Albans Corona Virus Volunteers, she will be telling us about this wonderful and heart warming initiative and also telling us how we can pitch in!

With schools closing, we consider what options there are for children to continue their learning with no return date on the horizon.

Kate Meeks. Founder and CEO of Your Teacher will be joining us to tell us about this incredible resource.

Finally, Dr Kerstin Thirlwall from Reading University has shared some wise words for how to talk to your children about their fears around the Corona Virus. We shared her thoughts.

The Parents Show on Mix 92.6
The Parents Show on Mix 92.6
Covid-19 - The Parents' Show asks for parents

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