Johan Norberg: “Open: The Story of Human Progress”.

Jason McKenna interviews historian of ideas and “rational positivist” Johan Norberg. Johan is a world renowned and well respected thinker on liberal ideas who has done copious amounts of research for “Open: The Story of Human Progress”. They discuss Johan’s new book which focuses on the history of global economics and look into how openness leads to a fairer society. Johan talks through some fascinating discoveries, which alters the normal viewpoint of history, but he also tackles some of your pressing economics questions.

The Economist described Johan’s book as ““clear, colourful and convincing, marshalling evidence from a range of eras and civilisations”. It makes for an essential read in 2020 and gives a positive reframing of history whilst giving a warning that openness and fairness cannot be taken for granted.

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Johan Norberg: "Open: The Story of Human Progress"

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