Meraki Festival Podcast 2019 Reupload for 2020.

As this weekend would have been Meraki again here is a new Meraki Festival 2019 Podcast with interviews from the festival and Clive and Sarah Glover (who were both there the entire 3 days) discussing their memories of it a few days later.

Interviews with Amelia Lappert, Mitch Sanders & Band, Families at the festival, Mally’s Gin Bar, Howard Read, Jarred Christmas, Kavalla, Visitors who are members of the Army Parachute Display Team the Lightning Bolts, Seb Western and Hope Russell Winter, Naomi Czuba Dance, Lemon Venom, Naomi Banks.

Presenters: Clive Glover, Sarah Glover, Klaudia Staniszewska ,Dave Adcock and Jenny Hames.

Mix 92.6 Podcasts
Mix 92.6 Podcasts
Meraki Festival Podcast 2019 Reupload for 2020

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