It is back to school, most of us have forgotten there was a summer holiday at all. So let’s take stock of what going back to school means for parents and more importantly for children.

Some children sail through the doors of school and don’t look back. Others struggle either because they tend to worry a little more than others or because they are at a transition that is a bit trickier than others – starting infant school, leaving infant school for juniors or from primary to secondary. Transitions can provide uncertainty and can lead to bigger anxieties if they are not handled properly.

We spoke to local author and Early Years Specialist (specialising in separation anxiety) Stacey Turner about this topic. Is back to school back to stress? Of course we need to involve teachers in this conversations because they really can make the difference so Head Teacher Andrew Farrugia, Head Teacher, Garden Fields JMI School will speak about the transitions and what schools recommend we do to help.

Speaking of making a difference, we were joined by two wonderful local brothers who have had enough of sharks being killed in unfathomable numbers – many just to have their fins put in a soup. So they decided to do something about it. Listen in to hear what Benji and Oliver Furse have done and how you can   follow their lead.

Finally we spoke to Claire Stanley who is leading a worthy local fundraiser.

The Parents Show on Mix 92.6
The Parents Show on Mix 92.6
Talking about children going back to school and separation anxiety

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