The Carers Support Team on Starfish Ward in Watford General.

If you have ever had a child in hospital for more than a day you will know that it is a very anxious time.
You are thrown into a world that is very different to your everyday life. Your priority is your child’s well-being and health. Then comes the reality you need to eat, drink and sleep occasionally in order to support your child properly.
But often you don’t know where to start. We’ve all experienced how fantastic the NHS staff is, particularly in paediatric wards but we often don’t want to bother them with our needs when they have a more important job to do.
The Carer Support Team at Starfish Children’s ward, Watford General Hospital are a team of volunteers that give practical support to carers on the ward.
We are delighted to have this special edition of the Parents’ Show specifically about Starfish Ward and the unique and wonderful group of mums who volunteer to help carers get through this difficult time.
On this show we speak to Suzanne Boon, Team volunteer and manager, Lynne Price, Team volunteer (on ward), Orla Burke, Senior Ward nurse, Trish Barff, Senior Ward nurse and Jo Maher, Team volunteer (fundraising) and Vista CIC (training).

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The Carers Support Team on Starfish Ward in Watford General

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