We’ve all had a chance to pause and reboot over the last couple of months and have become aware of our inner feelings and certain aspects of our outer lives. Personally, I have reached a stage where I want to change my personal image or at least mix it up a bit. This has been triggered by my daughter taking a video or photo of me when I wasn’t looking. It was indeed a wake-up call!

Although I’m excited by the technological possibilities of 21st century shopping, the thought of buying jeans online and not being able to try on ten pairs in a changing room fills me with horror! It’s fascinating to see how the fashion industry is creatively adapting and making huge changes in order to survive, and I’m looking forward to learning more about how it will continue thrive in innovative ways in the years to come!

Small City Life on Hertfordshire's Mix 92.6
Small City Life on Hertfordshire's Mix 92.6
Time for a new Personal Image!

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