What can we do about Climate change? We find out on The Parents’ Show

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One of the few good news stories at the moment is Climate Change finally getting the exposure it should and the media lens is on it right now.

Extinction Rebellion has successfully put the climate emergency into being and brought the topic into the mainstream.

Right here on our doorstep we have great people doing impressive work on the subject.

Kate Jeffery, a behavioural scientist who is looking into the psychology behind why we aren’t taking sufficient action to counter climate change will join us.

We will speak to local Mum and environmental consultant, Sarah Gillespy, who has decided this topic is simply too urgent to ignore and has made it her top priority in her family’s life now. Local school girl, Rani Taylor, will talk to us about her journey into action on climate change and why parents need to do their bit too!

The Parents Show on Mix 92.6
The Parents Show on Mix 92.6
What can we do about Climate change? We find out on The Parents' Show

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